To be short and sweet, I’ve been neglecting starting a website for my professional activities. I have another blog Hobby Junkies which is a site for serious hobbies that I started a few years ago for fun. You can find recipes, do it yourself projects, etc, on that blog.

I go through heavy travelling phases, and when I do, I see how essential having a website can be for my professional networking and simply to be found and contacted. As an independent, and a curator, I felt a bit self-conscious about having a website, when I knew I would be featuring other people’s artwork, not my own. But I now realize it is another opportunity to show artwork I feel is important in this contemporary moment, share some research, and get connected to new artists, curators, and professionals.

It is with permission that I have included exhibition installation images, and artwork images, which have been featured in exhibitions and projects that I’ve either spearheaded or to which I’ve contributed.

Please note that this website is under construction, and that you should check back often to see updates.

I am set to travel through India and Australia, and I think this website will be a great way to stay in touch, and accumulate information on what arts institution I’ve visited, perhaps who works there, and treat this particular home section as a travel blog.

Thank you for stopping in.

Mireille Bourgeois


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